Ammonium Metatungstate Spray Drying Tower

Ammonium Metatungstate Picture

Ammonium Metatungstate Spray Drying Tower Photo

Ammonium metatungstate spray drying tower belongs to the spray equipments of ammonium metatungstate production, which is the most widely used of liquid forming process and drying industry. Spray-drying tower is suitable for preparing powder, granular solid product from liquid raw material with forms of suspoemulsions, solution, emulsion, and paste. Thus, when the finished product particle size distribution, residual moisture content, bulk density and particle shape are in line with the precision standard, the spray drying tower is supposed to be an ideal drying process.

Principle of ammonium metatungstate spray drying tower is that the air goes into the top dryer’ air distributor after filtered and heated, then the hot air will uniformly go into the drying room in the spiral. AMT feed solution through the high-speed centrifugal atomizer (rotary) at the top of the tower to be sprayed into the extremely fine mist liquid beads AMT, and dried AMT will come into being in a very short time when it in contacts with the stream of hot air. Then, ammonium metatungstate is exported continuously from the bottom of the spray drying tower and the cyclone, and the exhaust gases are vented by the fan.